For the next three years, starting in 2021, students at John George Martin Memorial School will have access to the online games-based math program called Mathletics.

Some Mathletics Facts

  • Mathletics is an engaging online math program made for both classroom and home learning.
  • Over 3 million students around the world use Mathletics
  • Over 200,000 teachers use Mathletics to support their math teaching
  • Over 14,000 schools house Mathletics for the students’ math learning
  • Mathletics is designed for learners aged 5-16.
  • Mathletics can be used independently by students in and out of class.
  • Mathletics caters to a variety of student learning abilities
  • Mathletics’ mission is to support school and home educators to bring the love of learning math to their students.
  • Mathletics’ goal is to captivate math learners and create moments that inspire learning
  • Mathletics courses are developed to align with curricula from every Canadian province.
  • Students will have access to relevant content that will reinforce their learning
  • Mathletics can produce powerful reports, providing school and home with deep insights into how classes and individual learners are progressing. These reports can be used to find where students are excelling, where they’re being challenged, and how to shape future activities and games to suit all learning needs.
  • By blending intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and rewards, and using best-practice theories of gamified learning, Mathletics keeps students engaged with math. With fresh activities, challenges and regularly updated content, Mathletics always has something new to learn and fun to do.
  • Mathletics can provide valuable math learning for students throughout their entire school journey, from the start of primary school to the end of secondary. As students mature, so does the program, providing updated visuals, challenges, and activities that will keep them captivated with math.

JGMMS Mathletics Goals

  • Engages students with Math learning
  • Use Data-driven reports to help track student progress
  • Improve Math skills across all age groups
  • Provide consistent math programing across all grades from K to 10

Features for students

Self-expression through avatars

  • Students can get creative and design their own avatar, giving them the chance to connect personally with the world of Mathletics. By completing activities, students can update their avatars with different designs and styles – that way everyone can see how far they’ve come!

Games, Activities and Live Math Challenges

  • There’s always something new to do and somewhere new to explore. Mathletics is continually updated with fresh learning content, meaning students can always be excited for the next big thing to land.
  • There are over 1000+ activities for students. All our activities are aimed to support Math learning through engaging, challenging content that will develop student understanding and skills, taking them on to the next stage of their development.
  • Competitive learning at its finest – Live Math Challenges set kids around the world to challenges that will test their minds, math skills and reflexes. Mathletics Challenges can see whole schools, classes, or individual learners go head-to-head to see whose knowledge, skill and speed is the best!

Certificates to take home

  • Printable certificates give learners the chance to show their successes to the whole family, encouraging them to feel proud of their achievements as they progress through Mathletics. They’re a great reminder to keep putting effort into their class and home learning and look great on the front of the fridge!


We will be sending home student login information with students within the first week of school.

Students can login to Mathletics from any device with an internet browser, this includes video game systems!

Mathletics has an app for both Apple and Android